In case of a breakdown of the purchased goods during the warranty period, you need to contact the authorized service center of the manufacturer to determine the cause of the break. A list of service centers can be found in the warranty card.

The service center will make a diagnosis free of charge and will give an appropriate conclusion:

1. The goods are mechanically damaged – in this case the guarantee is terminated and the goods can not be exchanged or returned;

2. the goods do not have mechanical damages and are subject to warranty repair – the service center accepts the goods for warranty repair;

3. The goods do not have mechanical damages and are not subject to repair – in this case the buyer provides us with the goods in full set, a warranty card, a document confirming payment, the conclusion of the service center. We change the goods for the same or return the money to the buyer.


If the goods are not equipped with an official guarantee coupon, then the proof of payment is a confirmation of the guarantee obligations. In this case, the buyer provides our warranty department: the goods in full, information about the malfunction of this product, a document confirming payment. The period for consideration of the guarantee circulation is from 1 day to 14 days from the date of application.