My Mom Now Has a Robot Vacuum

I was trying to think of something really unique to give to my mom for her 60th birthday. I usually take her out to dinner and give her a piece of jewelry, and I still planned on doing that. I wanted to do something more though, to make this day as special as she is. I thought of what she could use at home that she would enjoy a lot, and it did not take me long at all to come up with a robot vacuum. I already knew as soon as I thought of it that she would tell me she does not want a robot cleaning her house. I also knew she would love it after she saw how well one works.

The only problem at that point was finding one that would get the job done right. I had never owned one myself, so I had no clue which ones were great and which ones were better off in the junk pile. I knew that I would be able to read some reviews on different robotic vacuums though, so I went online to do some research on this. It turned out to be even easier than I was expecting because of a review website I had found.

This website looked at many different robot vacuums, and they listed the ten that they felt was best based on the reviews of actual people who have used them. I appreciated that they took all the hard work out of it for me. Not that it would have been actually that hard, but I knew that it would have been very time consuming. I looked at the different ones and ended up getting her the Roomba version that had the best reviews. I was right too. She resisted at first, but now she absolutely loves it.